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Official Wedding Requirements for Your Gretna Green Wedding

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Marriage Law in Scotland - official requirements

  • A wedding cannot take place without completing the legal preliminaries to marriage.
  • The legal requirement is 15 working days notice.
  • You cannot register a wedding anymore than three months in advance according to the Marriage Law in Scotland.

Marriage Notice Forms (M10 Forms)

You must obtain your legal forms from Gretna Registrar's Office. Please send a stamped self-addressed envelope, A4 size, with £1.01 prepaid postage to: Gretna Registrar's Office, Central Avenue, Gretna, DG16 5AQ, tel: 01461 337648, or download it from

Please note we are not qualified to give you legal advice. Any questions you have regarding these matters must be directed to the Registrar's Office.

The following should be filled in on your M10 forms. Section A:
Place of Marriage.

Religious Wedding Ceremony

For religious ceremonies the Marriage Schedule, made up from information you have given on the M10 form must be collected by either the Bride or the Groom in person on the morning of the wedding or up to seven days before from the Gretna Registration Office (which is closed on Sundays and Mondays and some Bank Holidays). The Minister MUST have these documents before the marriage ceremony can begin. You must return these signed documents to the Gretna Registration Office within three days.

Civil Wedding Ceremony

Weddings within three months
If your chosen date is within three months, then FULL payment of the Registrar's fees must be sent with the M10 forms to: Gretna Registration Office, Central Ave, Gretna, DG16 5AQ.

Wedding between three months and a year away
The Gretna Registrar's Office will not accept M10 forms any more than three months in advance. If you chosen date is more than three months away, a payment of £100.00 must be sent to: Annan Registrar's Office, Ednam Street, Annan DG12 6EF. This is not the attendance fee: it confirms the booking of a celebrant but this cannot be done until we have sent you confirmation that a registrar can attend.

The remaining balance is due within three months of the wedding date along with your M10 forms and relevant documents and must be sent to: Gretna Registration Office, Central Ave, Gretna DG16 5AQ.

Weddings more than a year away
If your chosen date is more than a year away, you may still book the venue at Gretna Hall Blacksmith's but we will have to wait until one year prior to the wedding date to apply for a celebrant.