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Selecting Wedding Dates

Reserve wedding dates and check availability by telephoning: 0(044)1461 337 635, or emailing us.

Our wedding venues for your wedding dates include:-.

Our charges are for a 30 minute hire of the room, which is the length of time required for a ceremony, the signing of the marriage schedule and photography within the room. Depending on venue, date and time, you should be able to have your wedding on the day of your choice - unless it is a Special Day which can be heavily booked in advance.

Wedding Room hire charges 2009: 230 any day 2010: 240 any day.

Special Wedding Dates:

Special wedding dates are more likely to be booked up than others. If you would like a wedding on any of the following special dates, please contact us as soon as possible:


  • 24th Dec 2009 - 300
  • 26th Dec 2009 - 400
  • 31st Dec 2009 - 300


  • 2nd Jan 2010 - 400
  • 14th Feb 2010 - 300
  • 10th Oct 2010 - 300
  • 24th Dec 2010 - 350
  • 26th Dec 2010 - 400
  • 31st Dec 2010 - 400

Winter Weddings by Candlelight

Winter Weddings can be conducted by candlelight at an extra cost of 50.

Weddings more than 3 months away

If your chosen date is more than three months away, you may still book the venue at Gretna Hall Blacksmith's by telephoning: 0(044)1461 337 635, or email us, but remember that you cannot legally register a forthcoming wedding any more than 3 months in advance. For further details, please read the Marriage Law in Scotland.