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Gretna Green Wedding Costs

2009 Wedding Costs

  • Religious Ceremony minimum: £295.00 + donation to Minister
  • Civil Ceremony minimum: £475.00.

The Wedding

  1. Booking the Venue for the Ceremony

    Blacksmith's Rooms:
    Our charges are for a 30 minute hire of the room which is the length of time required for a ceremony, the signing of the marriage schedule and photography within the room.

    • 2009 Double Weddings: from £350
    • Winter Weddings by Candlelight: +£50

    Registrar's Office Booking fee is:

    • Monday - Friday: £245.00
    • Saturday: £325.00
    • Public Holidays: £363.00

  2. Marriage Notice Forms (M10 Forms)

    You must obtain your legal forms from Gretna Registrar's Office. Please send them a stamped self-addressed envelope, A4 size, with £1.01 prepaid postage to: Gretna Registrar's Office, Central Avenue, Gretna, DG16 5AQ, tel: 01461 337648, or download it from

The Reception

  1. Booking the Venue for the Reception

    Criffel Suite, up to 35 guests: £110
    Annandale Suite, up to 45 guests: £110
    Or both Annadale and Criffel Suite: £200
    Ramsey McIntosh Suite, up to 24 guests: £220
    Anvil Restaurant, up to 2-150 guests: £350
    Marquee: £250

  2. Reception Meal


  1. Rooms

    • Rooms from: £95
    • Bridal Suites from : £150